Michael Law

Highly recommend , Excellent care !! Being Chinese, normally when I have pain, I go fortraditional Chinese Acupressure, massage and suction cup treatments. There are few of such experienced practitioners from CHINA in lower mainland. But the problem is that some of these providers can not be covered by ICBC or other insurances. Hence I have to pay out of my own pocket for such treatments. Recently I had a car accident which caused injury to my waist and hip area resulting in a lot of pain. Sometimes it got so intense that I had a hard time sleeping. Since I got coverage through ICBC , I ended up trying PHYSIOTHERAPY which initially I did not have much faith in. My luck calls for meeting a “Cream of the crop” Physiotherapist Mr. VIJAY who have a lot of clinical experience both in the orient and abroad. In addition to regular physio clinics this therapist has also worked in old age home, sports clinics and fitness centers in Canada. VJ is hard worker and learner as he has mastered some of our Chinese treatment techniques as well some other great techniques. He is indeed experienced, talented and hard to find in the area of pain control . Like anything else there are tone of professionals out there, but who to choose ? Who can give you the quickest results in shortest possible time plus the experience, knowledge and techniques to do it right ? NO DOUBT !! VJ would be top Choice . Very Helpful and professional , recommend friends and family to the clinic.

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