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We have been your trusted neighborhood physiotherapist since 2008. We are passionate about provide the level of care you would expect and help you feel better, get better and be better quicker. Come by our clinic and discuss a plan for your road to recovery.

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We are conveniently located at the popular Killarney Center with lots of free parking anytime of the day.

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As a sister physiotherapist of the very established South Fraser Physio, we have qualified physiotherapists on duty with over 20 years of experience. We can quickly pinpoint your pain and develop path to recovery.

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Our entire team at Champlain Height Physio is committed and dedicated in helping you recover to your optimum strength and function.

We strive to exceed your expectations in a caring and respectful manner.

Josephine Foo

Registered Physiotherapist, Owner and Principal

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Experienced Therapists

Our registered physiotherapists and massage therapists have over 20 years of experience.

Extensive Coverage

We directly bill to approved ICBC and WorkSafeBC claims. We also directly bill to many Extended Medical Plans.

Complete Services

We offer a wide variety of physiotherapy, active rehabilitation, and massage services to get you back up and running again.

Therapies for Today’s Lifestyle

We Have All Your Physical Rehabilitation Needs Covered

Including manual therapy, electrotherapy, dry needling (IMS) and cupping therapy.


Using needles to ease pain; a form of Traditional Chinese  Medicine.

Active Rehabilitation

Exercise-based program designed to improve your level of function after injury.

ICBC / WCB Claims

We directly bill to approved ICBC and WorkSafeBC claims.

Extended Healthcare

We can directly bill to many Extended Medical Plans, covering some or all of the cost of physiotherapy.

MSP (Care Card)

Service is available for low income qualified.

Custom Orthortics

Precision medical device to correct your specific imbalance & biomechanical misalignment

Orthopedic Shoes

Shoes specifically designed to support and accomodate your foot mechanics and structure.

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so that you can focus on getting better

Roy Oreta

Registered Physiotherapist

Jimmy Rillo

Registered Physiotherapist

Jason Kong

Registered Acupuncturist

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Qualified. Experienced. Talented. Professional. Helpful. Passionate. Dedicated.

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Clean Comfort. Fully Equipped for a Stress Free Recovery.
Vijay is the best physiotherapist I have ever seen in my life. I got into an accident which confronted me from bodybuilding, but Vijay has worked on my injury and I am feeling much better than before. I will recommend Vijay to everyone. Another good thing is that he can speak English, hindi and punjabi which will help non English speaking population from India 🇮🇳
Michael Law

Happy Stories

Creating Vibrant Smiles for Healthy Lifestyles!
Very friendly and great place.
Matteo Smith
Very professional, very good job, Vijay understands my pain and work on it. He know what to do, very good. Really like the Physiotherapy treatment with Vijay. I really thank for my recovery .
Sue Chen
Highly recommend , Excellent care !! Being Chinese, normally when I have pain, I go for traditional Chinese Acupressure, massage and suction cup treatments. There are few of such experienced practitioners from CHINA in lower mainland. But the problem is that some of these providers can not be covered by ICBC or other insurances. Hence I have to pay out of my own pocket for such treatments. Recently I had a car accident which caused injury to my waist and hip area resulting in a lot of pain. Sometimes it got so intense that I had a hard time sleeping. Since I got coverage through ICBC , I ended up trying PHYSIOTHERAPY which initially I did not have much faith in. My luck calls for meeting a "Cream of the crop" Physiotherapist Mr. VIJAY who have a lot of clinical experience both in the orient and abroad. In addition to regular physio clinics this therapist has also worked in old age home, sports clinics and fitness centers in Canada. VJ is hard worker and learner as he has mastered some of our Chinese treatment techniques as well some other great techniques. He is indeed experienced, talented and hard to find in the area of pain control . Like anything else there are tone of professionals out there, but who to choose ? Who can give you the quickest results in shortest possible time plus the experience, knowledge and techniques to do it right ? NO DOUBT !! VJ would be top Choice . Very Helpful and professional , recommend friends and family to the clinic.
Michael Law
My mother had to do her physiotherapy last year with Mr. Vijay and currently having mine with him and also with Mr. Roy, the whole staff are very accommodating and professionals. They are committed and passionate with their craft that they really care for their clients and that they build a good relationship with their clients. I will definitely recommend them for their quality care.
Karla Catalig
I highly recommend the Champlain Heights Physio clinic! When I first went to the clinic I was hesitant because I had a bad experience at another clinic - I never improved. My entire left side of my arm was in a lot of pain, and I had lost a lot of strength and my ability to hold things with my left hand. I had gone to Vijay who assessed the exact location of the pain,and increased my flexibility and worked on building back my strength. I am impressed with the entire team. The place is welcoming and I leave there feeling great. The reception team(Alex) is friendly and I am so glad I went there.
Mimi Rennie
Vijay is the best physiotherapist I have ever seen in my life. I got into an accident which confronted me from bodybuilding, but Vijay has worked on my injury and I am feeling much better than before. I will recommend Vijay to everyone. Another good thing is that he can speak English, hindi and punjabi which will help non English speaking population from India 🇮🇳
Rishab Khullar
I’ve been with Champlaine Heights for almost 8 years now and I found this physio clinic from therapists to receptionist like my family😊, particularly Roy my therapist he knows where the point of pain is they gave me comfort every Wednesday, thank you Champlain Hts☺️
Aanya Nirpio
I came in to have my knee joint problem looked at. My therapist Vijay recommended a few excises...coupled with deep tissue massage and heat therapy, my knee feels like new again after just a few weeks! Professional, friendly and great service! The best physiotherapist I’ve ever experienced so far.
Jonathan C.
Great experience here, friendly staff and nice service.my physiotherapist VJ is professional 🙌🙌 my lower back pain that cover by WCB is much better in 6 weeks. Alex always start with a greeting and being polite. I like it a lot.
I commend, Roy, my current physiotherapist, he's great.
Tony Scaiano
I have to end my Physiotherapy with you and wanted to say a big thank you for all that you have done for me including working on me during this difficult time due to my injury.
Patricia Manu
This clinic is very professional and friendly. Vijjay helped me a great deal with my pinched nerve. His exercises he had me doing at home in combination with his therapy continue to help me on the road to recovery.
track fan
Staff very accommodating. Vijay is a great physiotherapist. He is very knowledgeable and got me back to work quickly.
George Ng
Vijay is very professional and personable and really knows his stuff! I would highly recommend him to all! Thank you Vijay for making me feel great again! Cheers
cheryl lowe

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WCB (WorkSafeBC) Injury Claims

We direct bill to approved WCB claims. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Report your injury to your employer.
  2. Report your injury to Work Safe BC at 1-888-967-5377 and you will be assigned a claim number.
  3. See your family doctor regarding your injury at work as soon as possible as your family doctor will report your injury to Work Safe BC. You are required to follow up with your family doctor on a regular basis as a part of your claim.

Six weeks of treatment is generally allowed for approved Work Safe claims.

If you need an extension for physiotherapy treatment, the request has to be sent out one week prior to the end of the initial 6 weeks treatments.

ICBC Injury Claims

We direct bill to approved ICBC claims. Call ICBC (604-520-8222 or 1-800-910-4222) to set up a claim where you will be given a claim number.

If this is a new accident within 3 months of the injury, you do not require a doctor’s referral for your initial 25 treatments, unless specified by your ICBC claim specialist. However your treatment must be pre-approved by ICBC.

If you need an extension for physiotherapy treatment after the initial 25 treatments or if your injury is more than 3 months old, you will require a doctor’s referral.

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